Stone Temple Escape Game

Stone Temple Escape

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Stone Temple Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game released by Selfdefiant. Enjoy more fun escapes here in an ancient place. Have Fun!

Lester was having quite a hard-time as he ventures into the jungle for his new expedition, it was much more lush than he had expected, the foliage was everywhere and a machete is absolutely vital in this place. Lester thought he was going the right way as he pushes further into the wilderness, but an entire afternoon passed and still, he could no longer get to the edge of all of this, eventually he got pretty lost in there and because he was alone in his journey, he could not ask for help from anyone!

It's absolutely a bad idea to venture into a wilderness alone and Lester only had to keep going, for nothing would really happen if he just stays. As Lester continues to keep going in the hopes he'll find something that can help, he came to find something and that absolutely caught him off-guard. Lester was face to face with a stone wall and that really gave him a mix of emotions! What in the world is this place? Lester thought he might have found a very historical find here, but at the moment, he needs something that can help him first so, will the place be able to help him escape? Escape players, join in the forest escape adventure with Lester, good luck then everyone and enjoy!

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