Tiny House Rescue Game

Tiny House Rescue

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Check-out this daring house rescue here everyone, Tiny House Rescue is the newest point and click rescue escape game from Genie Fun Games. Have extra fun on this adventure!

The tiny house where Fredrick's friend is just close-by and he had been a welcomed guest there every-time he has time to chit-chat, but one day however he realized that something was going-on in there and his friend needs some help! Fredrick came to pass-by his friend's house and just pass for he had some errands in the grocer, but he heard a cry for help inside his friend's house which he came to realize eventually that his friend was actually trapped in there. Fredrick thought that his house was just small and easy to escape from, but well they are both elderly and their strength back in their glory days are way behind them, well Fredrick still decided to rescue his friend however before he hurts himself.

Escape players, Fredrick here is going to rescue his friend and even though he is a little-bit slow and a little-bit weak now, his skills as well as his logic have not withered and he can still rescue his friend there. Want to try this rescue attempt as well and see if you can get Fredrick's friend to safety? Good luck then everyone, enjoy!

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