Dark Castle Escape (Games 4 Escape) Game

Dark Castle Escape (Games 4 Escape)

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Dark Castle Escape is another new point and click indoor complex escape game made by Games 4 Escape for more dose of fun with us daily. Good luck!

The dark castle is a place nobody would go thanks to all the fables about it that the premises is being occupied by a witch or a warlock, but James and Stephen doesn't believe in the stuff however, so that day they planned to venture there to see what they can find. At first, the two were both intimidated by the exterior sights of the abode but well, they forced themselves to not be afraid and entered in single file. James is up front as they entered when suddenly, the doors of the place which was between them suddenly shut and also got locked jammed! Now, James is definitely trapped inside.

Stephen tried his best to rescue his friend James but unfortunately though, he could not open the door and surely he could not get some help for they don't want to get in trouble with the adults. Stephen is going to do his best to open the door, but James has to equally contribute as well if he wants to escape. Escape players, James is going to really try his best if he wants to escape, care to join him and see if you can all find a way out of the dark castle? Go ahead then and enjoy with us daily!


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