Dubious Chili Escape

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The place is really a strange one, for everything that Samuel plants there in the land just overgrows and some would even do very strange things. But won’t that make Samuel joyous for what the place has offered? Well even then there are these negative things that he needs to take care of and that would include some of the vegetables coming to life! Samuel have seen it all definitely, it doesn’t surprise him anymore if he finds a runaway onion or squash there every now and then, he needs to get them though for those are mostly very mischievous and they destroy the other crops there through their thrashing and frolicking. Even so Samuel left just one produce that he didn’t take-out, and that is this conscious big chili!

The chili was not destructive and was even calm and helpful at times, very different from what it is suppose to be like being angry and aggressive. That’s why Samuel just leaves it there allowing it to move around for this one is one of a kind. One day however, something happened to this chili and right-now he needs Samuel’s help! Escape players, you are now Samuel here and the situation caught your attention when the chili wasn’t where it is suppose to be hanging. Something happened to it and now, want to find-out what become of this chili and possibly help it?

Dubious Chili Escape is a new outdoors rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.