Van Escape

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At times James needed that fresh scenery and green land, that’s why he has a small house in the wilderness and he goes there every time he gets tired of city life and just wants to be at peace. Sometimes he stays there for days and the longest he had been in there was a week. One day he is going to expand that especially if he gets all of that time in the world he had been trying to get to. Sadly that stay of his for the week is currently over and he needs to return to the city for work, but there seems to be a problem though and most definitely he cannot leave without it!

James could not find the keys for his van and he cannot leave without it! And because he is in the middle of nowhere here, there will be no help from anyone at all. It’s bad enough that he still have a long drive to go just to get home, those keys of his is holding him up and really what else can he do now but to just remember where he had put it as well as find it. Escape players, James here doesn’t have much time to spare, for soon it will get dark and he’ll have to drive through darkness and extra danger. Will you be able to help him find his keys wherever those are?

Van Escape is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game created by Games 2 Live.