Boy Escape To Park

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Jake’s mother did not allow him to go to the park to be with his friends for he didn’t do his chores despite of him telling his mom that he would do so earlier so he can go out and play. Now that’s his punishment for being an irresponsible boy. But even then Jake is deciding real hard right-now if he wants to escape the house and be with his friends, just for a bit, he would return then before his mother knows he was even gone. Probably the worst idea right-now, but he is itching to play outside and this really frustrates him.

Escape players, Jake finally decided to try and escape the house but first he needs to be quiet while he leaves his room for he will definitely get caught if he doesn’t. Jake needs to find a few things that can open the door here for that thing had been purposely locked by his mother so he won’t get out. Some trouble Jake is placing himself into, but kids will be kids so will you help him out?

Boy Escape To Park is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Games 2 Escape.