Zany House Escape (Games 2 Live)

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It’s another boring day when Rowan realized that there was actually an escape house in the area available to take on! He just remembered  that for he was so busy that he never even gave the place a second thought. Now that he remembers it and he has free time, he went outside his house to finally test this escape house which was really built to trap people inside of it.

This time, they called the place the Zany house and it’s decent, but the inside is different though than a normal house, for it really gives one a feel that the place is definitely an escape house. Rowan is now inside and he is seeing the multiple doors in there which are all locked and some of the items inside too, items that he can use to escape that is. Escape players, Rowan is going to test the house’s capabilities now and of course for him to have a fun time as well, he just hopes it won’t be over too soon or he’ll just go home and face another boring hour. Come and place yourself on Rowan’s situation here now. Will you be able to escape the house with the best of your skills and logic?

Zany House Escape is brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Games 2 Live.