Castle Escape (Games 2 Mad)

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The castles and royal abodes in the country are the last remnants of classic designs for some have been destroyed already through the generations. These castles are being preserved so that it’ll show the art styles of its day to modern people, not to mention those are places owned by royalty which are still active today too. That day, Lance went into one of these grand houses for a tour, it will be a fixed tour like everybody should follow the guide and try not to stray from them. Lance had different ideas though, for he wanted to visit parts that are somewhat off-limits to outsiders!

Lance did just that and he was surely making trouble for himself, and he got that quickly for he got lost in the halls there! For him this sounded to be a pretty good but risky idea earlier, but he got both and now he is experiencing the risks. Lance could not find his way back and he fears that he might get caught by a guard there! Escape players, will you help Lance before he gets even more of the bad side of his idea here?

Castle Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.