Deserted Bird Escape

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All of Joseph’s messenger birds are fast and fascinating, that’s because he had tested them in various situations and somehow they can all solve it! That makes him the most successful messenger in the kingdom thanks to his team. Every single bird was good, well except for this one though, he had tried his best to teach this said bird but somehow it always fails. Still Joseph didn’t want to give-up on it and decided maybe he’ll try one last task for it and he might reconsider of even putting it on duty, he’ll just keep it as a pet until it shows its true colors and use. And so he sent it to the job and yet again, it failed but this time it is worst, for it even got trapped in a place somewhere in town!

Joseph carefully tracked this failing bird which he had sent and observed, eventually he got to where it was after a long time of searching and yes, it was definitely trapped. Joseph couldn’t get any help at the moment and plus he is in a part of the town where the people living there are a bit hard to talk to, that’s why he’ll do this alone so he can then bring his bird home safely. He ain’t going to abandon it so escape players, will you just help Joseph here on this rescue for his trapped messenger bird?

Deserted Bird Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 4 King.