Deserted: Island Mystery

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Marlon is a kind of guy who loves to stargaze. Late that night as he did, it so happened a meteor shower passed and he wished into one of them as they pass. It was an innocent wish and he really did not expect it to come true, but it did and now he is in some island not known to him and wherever he is, it is definitely far away.

Escape players, Marlon tried to find his way out of there, he even wished to turn back his wish, but that didn’t work. Overtime as he navigated, he realized that this island was no ordinary one, it has some sort of magical thing going on in it and at some points it seems that it is not allowing him to leave. Marlon doesn’t like this anymore, he is now very desperate to get back, but how will he do that? Will you be of help to Marlon here? Maybe you’ll discover some sort of way out for him in this remote place.

Deserted: Island Mystery is another new point-and-click wilderness escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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Walkthrough video for Deserted: Island Mystery

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9 months ago

Great game, thank you!

9 months ago