Secret Of The Island Escape

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There is an island in the middle of the vast ocean and even though it’s the only patch of land there in all water, this place is still very much secret and hard to find. Well that’s for other sailors and navigators though, for Bill the pirate and his crew have already found the place and they have been returning there for years just to hide their loot. And of course one thing, for the place seems to be being guarded by some sort of magic which they cannot explain. That day, they arrived once again and it seems even more weird there, something was different in the island and not one crew can figure-out what’s happening there. Guess they’ll have to do what they came for and dismiss this weird vibe to just another antic of the place, but the problem was that this happening is kind of slowing them all down.

Escape players, the pirate Bill and his crew needs help with everything here, will you be able to aid them with everything so they can be on their way then?

Secret Of The Island Escape is a brand new point and click remote place escape game released by Esklavos.

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Walkthrough video for Secret Of The Island Escape

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