Fashion Studio Escape

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Mary’s friend just arrived at her clothing shop for she wanted a dress for the party she will be attending later that week, it’s going to be a solemn party though with only a few attendants, that’s why she wanted an awesome and head-turner dress so she’ll stand-out. Mary just allowed her friend to look around, and when she is done she’ll just come-by and then check on her selected line-up. Her friend took half a day just to pick a dress, well that’s fashion for you, eventually her friend picked the one she liked and Mary approved of it. After hours in there her friend was ready to leave, but unfortunately though that’s if she can, for now they are both trapped in the shop and even Mary doesn’t even know what’s going-on!

Mary’s friend could not get out of the shop for her doors were locked, that’s strange, so Mary tried it and it really wouldn’t budge! She tried the back-door and the rest of the emergency exits, but all wouldn’t open. What’s going-on here? Mary said to herself with urgency but still calmly. Is this some sort of prank from anybody? Well who would do this though? Mary only had more questions than her friend, but they need to escape from though and they need to do that now for it is eerily silent like something is about to happen. Escape players, want to help them here to escape from the shop so they can then get some answers what in the world is going-on?

Fashion Studio Escape is the newest point and click escape game created by WoW Escape.

Walkthrough video for Fashion Studio Escape


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