Chef Fish Escape

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The sorcerer of the kingdom have done something before and that made the king very angry of him, and so he was punished and from then he never made a mistake again. His mistake however still lingers to the present day, what kind of mistake did he do you ask? Well he only made some of the nearby animals where he had cast the wrong spell from what he is suppose to cast sentient! The king’s men have really had a hard-time in gathering those sentient animals for when they had consciousness, they were then in chaos and some were even destructive! Up to this day not every sentient animal was captured, but not all of them however were useless and needed to be culled, for some of them legitimately become citizens of the town!

One of those animals was a fish and not only it is able to breath air now, but it was also able to cook and my, what exquisite dishes he makes and he was even joyful about it every time! Even the chefs of the place are envious of him, well that one might have gone too much though and turned into jealousy, for one day the chef fish was discovered by one of the knights and it is trapped inside a cage! The knight didn’t know who did this but the fish is a citizen of the place, and it is his job to protect the people of the kingdom as well so of course he’ll help this one too. Escape players, you will now be playing as the knight here, will you be able to get the chef fish out from where it is trapped and safely before this plan of somebody’s totally carries-out?

Chef Fish Escape is a new outdoors rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.