Old William Escape Game

Old William Escape

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Old William is the town's good source of information now for he is quite old and has a lot of experience. Once he was the hero of the town and had become a sheriff there for a time, now his days are behind him and he can only relay what he knows to the young. That day, Christopher went to the old man's place for he just wanted to know if he's doing fine and also for some stories too for the guy has a lot and most are very incredible. That day however, Christopher is going to do something for him though for when he arrives at the place, the guy seems to have become tired already as he looks through the window, well for actually he was trying to get out of his room and he couldn't for his door was locked!

Christopher doesn't know what exactly happened here, but because there is a chance that this might have happened for a while already, then he must get the old man out of there quickly! Escape players, Christopher will be needing a bit of a hand here for he couldn't open the door as well specifically at the room, will you be able to help him so that old man William can be rescued safely? The doors needs a little of your smarts here so use them so this can be solved quickly.

Old William Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game released by 8b Games.


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