Challenging Boy From Devil Escape Game

Challenging Boy From Devil Escape

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Challenging Boy From Devil Escape is the newest point and click scary rescue escape game from WoW Escape for more dose of spooky fun escapes with us. Have fun!

The devil house is definitely not a place to visit, for rumors has it that it's dangerous thanks to the entities trapped in there. Nobody would even approach it but yet, it's still a mystery for Renzo who was one of the residents of the area living close-by to the place, why would a boy even enter it alone and after that, he most certainly got trapped inside and is now in-need of help! Probably because it's Halloween that's why he was pushed to do a challenge for himself, or this could all be a bet that he must pass somehow.

Anyways whatever the reason is, Renzo must get to that boy for he knows that cops won't arrive for a while thanks to how far the location was from the nearest station. Escape players, Renzo is going to enter a haunted place which he never dared to go in his life, but somebody needs help and he even knows the boy, that's why he'll go. Care to join in as well and see if you can rescue a boy from being trapped in a place everybody calls the devil house? There are still puzzles to be solved there so good luck everyone, be careful of the spooks as well.


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