Farmhouse Rescue Game

Farmhouse Rescue

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Farmhouse Rescue is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game from Genie Fun Games for more daring rescues here in a specific location. Enjoy!

Gregorio has a new job at the farm and it's a huge area, that means more work must be done there just to keep the place going. Gregorio's boss who was the farmer lives in a somehow luxurious house in the middle of the farm, that's somehow because the structure was only luxurious in farm standards. None of the workers are permitted to enter without permission of course, but one day however Gregorio never really thought that he would be breaking into that place for something had happened and it concerns the farmer.

Gregorio passed-by the farm house for he needed something in the shed by it, as he did, he heard help and it's the farmer who said that he is mysteriously trapped in the house and he couldn't get himself out no matter how he tried! Gregorio was very hesitant at first for he knew the door is going to be hard to open judging from how it looks. Well, the boss actually said to help him get out so he must do whatever means necessary. Escape players, the farmer is trapped inside the farm-house there and Gregorio is going to go for the rescue, care to join in and see if you can help? Try to make as minimal damage as possible now, good luck!

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