Ancient Prison Escape Game

Ancient Prison Escape

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Check-out the prison escape adventure here everyone. Ancient Prison Escape is a brand new point and click underground escape game released by Games 4 Escape. Have Fun!

The ancient prison was once so dark and scary, but ever since it got discovered, a few people have already been to the place but those were all professionals for it's not open yet to the public. As a historian, that's truly a good scoop for Rex thanks to how old the place is and the historical value it holds. Even though it's far from home for Rex, he took the long journey and when he got there, he was welcomed by his fellow historians as well as other professionals. It's time to get to work then!

Rex was astounded as he was navigating through the ancient prison, even though the place was more barren of information than an ancient temple, there is still a lot of clues here which can potentially show how the prisoners lived and how they were treated, it also gives some certain clues concerning the ancient city it hosted. Well no matter how valuable info is available there, nothing is ever valuable than a life and Rex will have a realization for it in that place. Escape players, Rex will have no rescue here for he got accidentally trapped in the catacombs which are not easy to navigate! Rex knew then how his life was greatly at risk there and what's important now is to escape the ancient prison safely. Escape players, check the prison rescue here with Rex and see if you can all escape the place. Good luck everyone!

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