Big House Escape Game

Big House Escape

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The rich man's big house was once a castle and was probably the last castles before the age of modernity, but it was renovated and the rest was history, but no outsider have been to the place though except for caretakers and the owner himself, but for the weirdest of circumstances however, you woke-up and found yourself inside the place and you never expected at all that you'll be in that grand and luxurious house! Well the place is just near where you live, but it doesn't mean you have the slightest chance to even enter, but why are you there now? You have no idea absolutely and of course you don't want to be treated as a trespasser by anybody there now.

Escape players, want to join in the escape here in a grand house before somebody spots you? You'll definitely be jailed and you will have no fight for you can't even explain why you are there. Use the best of your skills and logic then everyone, for now nobody seems to know you are in the place, so you'll have to be stealthy like a ninja as you find your way out.

Big House Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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