Traditional Farm House Escape Game

Traditional Farm House Escape

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The old farm house in the middle of the field just met an expert interior designer and from a traditional wooden house made for the countryside, the place was turned into a beautiful luxurious house in the middle of all the green and farm animals! That house belonged to Jeffrey, and he had just enough budget to commission the famous and artistic interior designer to turn his old house where he once lived into a place he prefers, well his parents actually wished for that too when they finally gave him the house and now after years of construction, it is now done. Jeffrey was proud of what he had accomplished for himself and his parent's wishes, but even though the things are going good there, a bad thing erupted one day and it was instantly big!

Jeffrey got trapped in his own home and in the back of his mind, he is afraid that he'll have to use force just to get himself out! But then there might be another way to escape from there without using too much force and destroying anything. Escape players, will you join the escape here with Jeffrey and see if you can find some answers what really happened?

Traditional Farm House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Ekey Games.

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