Escape From Abandoned Secret Base Game

Escape From Abandoned Secret Base

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Harry woke-up and found himself in the once modern secret base where he worked before but is now abandoned! Harry was definitely confused why the heck is he back in the place, it's not comfortable in there anymore and it stinks. Well because this is a secret base and only the government knows about its existence and its purpose, well that includes its employees as well, it could be that the government is also behind why he was even back in the place. Harry didn't want anything to do with the place anymore though, that's why he decided to escape quickly for it seems that there is nobody there but him, at least for now.

Harry is expecting anybody to appear and hold him to be assigned to something secret operation again but his life on that is over, he needs to maintain his normal one and forget the past, well that will only happen if Harry picks-up the pace and escape right-now. Escape players, care to join in the escape here with Harry from the abandoned secret base where he once worked?

Escape From Abandoned Secret Base is the newest point and click ruined place escape game created by Genie Fun Games.

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