Escape Abandoned Asylum

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Jeremy was shoved to a situation which made him go to the abandoned asylum at the edge of town! He did not want to go to some haunted abandoned structure which nobody goes in the middle of the night here, but he has no choice for the situation brought him there. And plus he heard a call for help coming from the asylum and it sounded absolutely distressed.

Jeremy have no clue if the call for help was coming from a ghost or whatever, but he is worried though what if this was a real person and they needed help? Then he would have saved their lives. But now Jeremy have taken a risk here, for what if it is not from someone alive? Escape players, Jeremy is very much confused there, but will you help him as he is in the dilapidated building?

Escape Abandoned Asylum is another new point-and-click scary complex escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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Walkthrough video for Escape Abandoned Asylum

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