Haunted Room Escape (Selfdefiant)

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It’s Halloween’s eve and as a trick or treater, Nick was advised not to go to the old mansion which looks like a small castle. That is how old the structure is and even though it stands-out than everything else there in the town, the place is infamous and notorious to the point people doesn’t want to bother with it. But Nick was curious though and he really wanted to know what the place is notorious of, a thinking which is really not good for him, for that eventually ended in him entering the place just to fulfill his curiosity!

Nick was easily able to enter the place and the first things he saw were very scary furniture and a color which compliments Dracula’s abode! Nick definitely had enough after just that, and so he decided to leave immediately but then he found-out what the place was really notorious of. Nick was now trapped in the house for the door where he entered is now locked! Nick definitely got wide-eyed then for he knew he is in big trouble there. Still there is a chance for escape and he must take it before he sees something in the place he will never forget. Escape players, Nick still wants to live and he is getting the feeling now that somebody seems to be watching him. Will you help him escape then before his situation there gets extra worst?

Haunted Room Escape is a brand new point and click scary indoor escape game from Selfdefiant. Enjoy!

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2 years ago

There is a glitch in the game. When searching intensively in the closet, the exit arrow from the room becomes inactive – the game becomes impassable.