Old Castle Escape (Selfdefiant) Game

Old Castle Escape (Selfdefiant)

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Glen was driving to the next town when his car broke-down along the way, but when he thought that another town was nearby just a few meters away, well he was right for there is actually an old castle area but the thing is it's actually abandoned and it's not much help to him whatsoever plus, it's strange. But still there might be something that can help him with his broken car or something that just can help him all the way, he still needs to find it around the area though or better yet maybe there is somebody living in the place that can guide him.

Escape players, any help for Glen is very much welcome and can make a difference, but as for you there you can help by lending the best of your skills and logic for a successful escape here with Glen. Ready yourself now, for the last thing you want is somebody hunting you down here thinking that you are a trespasser. Collect items which you can then manipulate to help on the situation.

Complete this challenge here escape players and be ready with the obstacles. Old Castle Escape is the newest point and click ancient area escape game from Selfdefiant.

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