Angel Cat Rescue Game

Angel Cat Rescue

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Try your best rescuing a troubled being here and may you make it. Angel Cat Rescue is the newest escape game from Games 2 Jolly. Have fun!

The temple has various doors and some leads to nowhere, those features have purposes though and that is to hide a sacred item there. But that feature became a disadvantage however, for an angel cat just got caught in its maze and that's already bad, for that cat was sacred as well and it even got lost. As one of the temple guardians, Uriel has the job to get that cat out of there for it's one of the symbols of this place for thousands of years. Even a being who lives for millenniums got lost in this place, which means the temple should not be underestimated.

Escape players, Uriel knows he is going to have a hard-time there, for not only that the temple can play illusions to absolutely anyone, the angel cat also moves and it can go even deeper into the place in the hopes to escape. Care to join Uriel here as he tries his best to rescue that sacred cat from the sacred temple? Go ahead then and good luck, for it's going to be a trip if you make a mistake.

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