Wooden And Stone Wall Escape Game

Wooden And Stone Wall Escape

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Come and check-out this house escape adventure with us! Wooden And Stone Wall Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Genie Fun Games. Have lots of fun everyone.

Kenny's house is getting more rooms as the place is being constructed, at the moment the things that are being fixed were the embedded wooden beams and some of the concrete as well as stone finishes. The place is going to be luxurious when it is done and Kenny was just excited with it. One day, he was alone in the place for it's the worker's day-off and it's now his time to inspect the house further as it goes along, but as he did though something weird happened and Kenny was in the center as it occurred.

Kenny heard a weird noise somewhere in the house and at first he tried to look for it, but something caught his attention and he focused on that, little did he know that the eventual problem was already set and later, he found it out and it was actually him being trapped in the place! Kenny thought it's going to be easy to get out from there for it's not yet finished, but somehow the house had a mind of its own and it's not letting Kenny out in any way. Escape players, the house seems to be giving him a challenge there and it's weird in all levels. Care to join in the house escape and see if you can all get through the challenge and find the way out? Join Kenny here then and good luck!

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