Grand Auditorium Escape Game

Grand Auditorium Escape

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Grand Auditorium Escape is a brand new point and click complex rescue escape game from 8b Games for more fun rescue adventures with us everyday. Enjoy!

The auditorium is slowly being constructed and renovated so that a lot of visitors can be housed as well as more room for the instruments for the musicians to play. Evan's friend was one of the renovation team and that day, he plans to pick his friend up to go get a drink, for the day after was his day-off. Duty hours are coming to an end, and Evan came to the auditorium to pick his friend there but as he entered, he thought he may have come late for the place is now empty, well little did he know that there's going to be some peculiar things there and also, something bad happened to his friend!

Evan looked around the auditorium's rooms for he can still here something echoing in the halls, there he discovered his friend was actually trapped in the place! The noise was actually coming from his friend scrambling in the room he was trapped in, Evan doesn't know what happened, but he must respond to his friend quick before he hurts himself in trying to escape. Escape players, join Evan here as he tries his best to rescue his friend out of the auditorium. Good luck on the rescue everyone!

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