Winter Snow Angel Escape

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Arvin was now planning to go to the forest even though the snow had fallen really hard last night, now the place is all white. Arvin have never seen this before for in the previous years it were all just light snowfall, now this is a first. Arvin was now traveling through the path as best as he can, he also decided to visit his neighbor to see if they are doing okay, but it seems that he will be facing something different there that day, and it’s going to be really weird.

Arvin knew about the legends and stories about the snow angel in the forest, it only appears during heavy snowfall and what he knows about it was just a myth. Well, it’s now standing ahead of the path and is now looking at him! Arvin never thought it was the said creature at first, for it looked just like a person, until it waved her hands and there were lights and strange colors all-over! Arvin almost ran but the angel stopped him, she said she needed help and she needed it fast. Well, what was Arvin suppose to do? And as she saw the being, she seems to be missing some wings, that’s exactly her problem and she needed help on that. Escape players, you will now be Arvin here and because the voice of the snow angel is not easy to hear, he just assumed that she needed help with her missing wings or something. Well however are you going to solve a problem such as this? For you only just met the being and you didn’t even know they existed? Go ahead and give this challenge a go still, see what you can do for the supposedly mythical creature in the snowy wilderness there.

Winter Snow Angel Escape is another new point and click snowy rescue escape game made by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Winter Snow Angel Escape

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