Abandoned School Rescue Game

Abandoned School Rescue

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Abandoned School Rescue is the newest point and click building rescue escape game created by Genie Fun Games. Best of luck as you all try to rescue someone who is lost in that scar and abandoned structure there!

In the decades before, the huge school was very close to finishing and would have been operational the next year over, but it got cut-off from funding and in the present time, it stands abandoned, forgotten, and definitely dilapidated. The entire place is very creepy and nobody goes there for the structures are old and can be very dangerous. But even then there are still people who wants to explore that place and one of them was Zack. One day, he came ready with all of his things which can help him navigate through that abandoned school, it's going to be cool but little did he know though that he'll be facing a situation there which he hadn't come across before.

Zack was already roaming around the halls of the literal old school and he thought, boy the stories this place can tell. As he continues in the building, he came to a dead-end and that startled him a bit, that little startle though unfortunately got him lost for he also lost focus too! It's definitely a good thing Zack's brother was following him and he can really feel that Zack is already in-trouble for he just knows somehow. Now Zack's brother has a situation in his hands here, escape players care to join in the rescue with Zack's brother and see if you can all rescue Zack? Go ahead then and good luck on your rescue adventure in the abandoned school. Have fun!

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