Finding Friend In Palazzo Hotel Game

Finding Friend In Palazzo Hotel

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Finding Friend In Palazzo Hotel is a brand new point and click hotel rescue escape game from WoW Escape. Enjoy another one of these awesome escape adventures plus a rescue as well!

The sisters Marga and Jen had decided to go on a tour around the city and that day their itinerary was at the theme park, so they prepared themselves and packed everything they had in-order to get the day started at the park, but their itinerary haven't started yet and a problem came-up in their own luxurious hotel room! Marga just got trapped somewhere in the room and Jen got really frustrated as well as concerned for firstly, her sister is trapped and second, they'll miss the bus soon for the park!

Good thing Jen called for help because she really can't abandon her sister there and now, Sonny who was an employee in the hotel came and after that, he lend his aid to find Jen's sister who is trapped inside somewhere in the room. Well the question for that then is will he be able to get Marga out safely and quickly? Escape players, why don't you join in the rescue here and lend Sonny a hand, use all you know about the suites and good luck on the rescue!

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