Abandoned Car Garage Escape (Wow Escape)

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You are car lover so whenever you see a beautiful car, you don’t think twice to buy it. You love to ride those nice cars but you can’t ride those at the same time. So most of the time, those cars are in your garage. But since you have to so many cars, the space in your garage isn’t enough. Thankfully, there is an abandoned car garage nearby. You can leave your new car in there safely. But before you park your car in there, you want to make sure that the garage is all good. Because of that, you went to the car garage to check the place out. Everything is good except for one thing. The gate doesn’t open smoothly. This is the problem that you have to solve right now.

You can’t get out of the abandoned garage because of that. Good thing that there are items in there that you can use to unlock the door. There are also hints that can help you to solve the puzzles that you have to face as you try to find your way out. Abandoned Car Garage Escape (Wow Escape) is a fun and exciting room escape game by WoW Escape. Good luck!

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Walkthrough video for Abandoned Car Garage Escape (Wow Escape)

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5 years ago

I had to watch the video for the hammer lol