Fantasy Middle Cave Escape Game

Fantasy Middle Cave Escape

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Try this colorful cave escape here everyone. Fantasy Middle Cave Escape is the newest point and click underground escape game from Games 2 Rule. Have fun on this adventure!

Rica was absolutely amazed about the cave she entered for she never even expected such a place there exists. Rica and her team was preparing to enter the cave in the forest and she was the first to enter with a guideline for the explorer team which was suppose to have come with are still on their way, she has to prepare the cave by placing light fixtures and spot dangerous pockets in there. As she went, she discovered something down there accidentally and because she was alone, she was the first to find that peculiar thing out.

The pocket where Rica accidentally came into had weird colors and that's not all, for that pocket somehow had like a hotel room! That really brought Rica to an awe for he never really saw such a place, the only difference to it from a hotel room is that the walls were the cave's, that's definitely not typical for this place here is located in the wilderness and far from any city. Up to that moment, Rica came to a realization that she needs to show this cave pocket to her team outside, but the question now will she be able to escape from the place easily and relay what she had seen? Escape players, you are very welcome to try the fantasy cave escape here with Rica, use all that you know as well as the items you have in-order to get yourselves out. Good luck!

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