Abandoned Building Escape (Genie Fun Games) Game

Abandoned Building Escape (Genie Fun Games)

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Abandoned Building Escape is a brand new point and click ruined building escape game released by Genie Fun Games for more fun adventures and with it an escape. Have Fun!

The abandoned building near the town had been neglected for long and it turned very creepy and dirty. It's also very dangerous to go there for people can see vandals and vagrants roaming there at times and who knows what they'll do to someone if they came across him or her there. Well Malcolm chose a right time to go there though while those kinds of people are not around and that is midday just for the purpose of adventure and fun. But even though he ventured in that building on the middle of the day, some trouble still came-up and he needs to solve that himself.

Malcolm was very curious of the building and that's what led him deeper into the structure. Because there are no landmarks in the place and the halls almost looks exactly the same, he got lost in there quickly! Malcolm got very jumpy then for he is not sure if there's nobody here really at the moment, there could be some vandals hiding in the darkness and he is scared that he'll encounter them along the way. Escape players, Malcolm must escape from this building quickly now and absolutely carefully, for he doesn't want to be still in the place before the sun sets. Join in on the escape adventure here everyone, enjoy!

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