Halloween Scary Door Escape Game

Halloween Scary Door Escape

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Halloween Scary Door Escape is the newest point and click scary room escape game from Games 4 Escape. Have fun on this new escape challenge here!

The Halloween scary room escape is located in a part of the old castle which was near the town. Ever since it had stories of being haunted, the place became a must to visit and it's one of the highlights of the town most especially on Halloween's eve where the weird things become extra active. Samantha decided to visit the scary room once again for last year when she first visited there, the place was great and she had a fair-share of frights on that experience. But on this current visit of hers, something different is going to happen and she is absolutely unsuspecting of it.

Samantha is now venturing around the room checking the items out and waiting for a scare, she had mixed feelings about it though and she is not sure if she does or doesn't want to be spooked suddenly, but unfortunately the room selected the latter and this time it had a different tactic. The door of the room suddenly slammed-shut and when Samantha tried to open it, it wouldn't! Now this is different, but Samantha already had enough after that now and she wants to leave. Escape players, what would you do if you are faced with a similar situation? Go ahead and check it out for yourself then, good luck and be spooked!

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