Creepy Hospital Escape (Genie Fun Games) Game

Creepy Hospital Escape (Genie Fun Games)

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Creepy Hospital Escape is a brand new point and click abandoned building escape game released by Genie Fun Games. Enjoy another adventure here through a ruined hospital. Good luck!

Rumor has it that the abandoned hospital nearby is very haunted and nobody really goes into it not only for the fear of the haunts, but also for the vagrants that call the place their territory, but only parts of it though and Gilbert knows that. Gilbert was really curious of the place and because he was also a medical student, he just wants to get his hands on the vintage medical tools as well as the equipment there. At one point he was never able to hold his urge and actually went there alone!

That's definitely a dangerous thing to do but well, the creepiness of the place should have turned him off but it didn't. and that's the kind of thing people avoids. Gilbert kept moving deeper into the hospital but he is careful also not to stray too close to the vagrant's territory, but no matter how careful he was, the hospital still gave him a problem and it's a pretty troubling one. Gilbert just found-out that he is lost in the place for he could no longer find the right path back! It's bad enough that he is lost, but the sun is going to set soon and that'll make the problem a lot worst. Escape players, try the escape adventure here with Gilbert and see if you can all find the way out of the abandoned hospital. Have fun!

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