Cartoon School Escape

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The school here is now getting pretty scary for Ashley here, that’s because she had been going around from room to room there but still she couldn’t get any help. Why was she looking for help? Well that’s because she could not get out of the school for all of the doors are now locked!

Ashley is there for she was going to take some things in their classroom and she was allowed to go in even when it was a weekend. A staff there allowed her in and when she got what she needed and is now making her way out of there, she couldn’t for she discovered the doors as they are now. Where was this staff who opened the school for her? And why did he lock the door? Probably a mistake, and it has to be. But just in case this is now a potential danger for her, she needs to escape from the school there right-now and of course she needs to be quiet as she does that. Escape players, come and help Ashley here escape for she needs that kind of help right now. Guide her out of there by finding objects that can open any door there without damaging them.

Cartoon School Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from 365 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Cartoon School Escape

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