Detective Stella Room Escape

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Stella the detective have just been promoted and for her it’s not really getting easier, for because she was really good in what she does and most cases there are given to her. Stella is one busy woman and as her partner, Nathan can very much see that. That day there was yet another case for her from the director, a task coming from him is always important, so he needs to deliver the message to her so she can answer it to the boss then. But little did he know there was actually something happening there in her office and Nathan was the first help she got!

Stella is trapped in her own office! When Nathan found that out he was confused, for stuff like this doesn’t really happen to her. Well it just did and he thought she could just be tired and that’s why this happened. At the moment Nathan doesn’t really know what’s really happening inside the room there, it could be something concerning and it’s most likely is for he can hear her calling for help from the other side. At the moment Nathan is having some difficulty accessing the room there for it’s really locked. Okay escape players, imagine you are Nathan here, will you be able to get her out of there and as quickly too?

Detective Stella Room Escape is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Detective Stella Room Escape

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