30 Hearts

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Catherine has the day for herself, that’s because to them it is a holiday and they will relax. For Catherine though she will be facing this one challenge in her computer which she hasn’t accomplished yet, so for that she locked her room so she won’t be disturbed as she finishes it.

Catherine will be finishing this game which requires her to find all 30 hidden hearts in what looks to be a dinner table filled with delicious  pastries. It’s a hard game and she knows that for she had attempted to accomplish this game many times but she couldn’t win. Escape players, this time though will you help Catherine so she can finally finish the game?

30 Hearts is the newest point-and-click hidden objects game from Amajeto.

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Walkthrough video for 30 Hearts

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2 months ago

Maybe it’s just my PC, but there were some zooming in and out version in this game. Also, despite all the novelty of the gameplay, which involves some well-known elements from previous games, I prefer the old atmospheric Amajeto games more. Hope you will return to making old-fashioned games as well, along with the new format.

2 days ago

Love this game, as well as the star one. Please develop more like this!!