Winter Evening

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Winter is falling on this city now and temperatures are getting lower especially when night falls, still life goes on for most people there in the city and that includes Lia who was still going to go for an evening fun in the city with friends. Lia was ready with going out after an hour now, but as she was about to though something mysterious was happening in her place and she could not get out of there anymore!

Lia is having a hard-time trying to open her door there and it’s the only door where she can go in and out of the place, she can’t jump-out of her window there now can she knowing that her floor is too high? Lia needs help here for she has no idea what’s happening and she fears that this could be something worst. Escape players, imagine you are Lia here and this situation is now plaguing you, you don’t even know what’s really happening. Will you be able to escape from there though and carefully so you won’t be damaging anything in this place where you are staying?

Winter Evening is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Amajeto.

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Walkthrough video for Winter Evening

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