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Winchester House Escape

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The Winchester house was once owned by the wife of a very famous firearm inventor who created the Winchester's rifle, but well the house is only livable in some rooms however, for the place was built that it had twisting hallways, doors opening to nowhere, and staircases leading to solid walls, that makes the place still unfinished up to this day for construction hadn't stop at all, one purpose of it so that all disembodied souls killed by the Winchester rifle shall roam and stay in the place forever. That's one tale, but as a person who visited the house and got unfortunately lost there, Malcolm has a tale himself.

Malcolm was very curious of the place for a while, but reaching the house from his location requires effort and money however, so he mustered those funds and freed his time on a schedule to really visit the place. He managed all of that and when he arrived, he saw that it was more like a wooden castle than just a house. Malcolm witnessed how grand and huge it was, but because the paths there are twisting and going to nowhere, he got lost and now he needs your help escape players! Malcolm should have followed the tour-guide provided, but because he wanted to venture in his own, he got what he asked for. Place yourself on the shoes of Malcolm here everybody, try your best to free him from the place and have an adventure yourself as well in a historical place called the Winchester mansion.

Winchester House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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