Modular Design Kitchen Escape Game

Modular Design Kitchen Escape

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Michael did an all-out renovation of his kitchen and now the place is as modern as he can think of! Plus it's also luxurious well for his standards at least, in all actuality, it is luxurious. Michael's favorite parts of the house is the kitchen, that's why when he had enough budget to renovate a room in his place, he started with the kitchen for well it is the source of nutrition in the house and by renovating it may allow him to store more food in there. Michael thought of something to make that day, probably a new recipe, but then a problem stopped him though and it was definitely enough to stop anybody who come across such a situation.

Michael realized that the doors in his kitchen could not be opened and it's weird for he didn't really install anything that can lock his doors, but this is his house so any problem that might occur is for him to fix. Escape players, will you help Michael here with this problem of his most especially with his kitchen doors?

Come and check-out this escape challenge everyone! Modular Design Kitchen Escape is the newest point and click room escape game created by Genie Fun Games.

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