Thanksgiving Party House Escape (Fun Escape Games) Game

Thanksgiving Party House Escape (Fun Escape Games)
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Come and try this huge party house escape here and may you find-out what's going-on in there. Thanksgiving Party House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Fun Escape Games.

There was a thanksgiving party in the neighborhood that night for everyone who was free, the venue was at the subdivision's grand hall and everyone will fit in there thanks to the wide space it can accommodate. One of the organizers was Gertrude and for that hour, she was the only one left in the hall arranging things for everybody is preparing themselves for the party, she won't need to dress-up for she is already ready with her current attire. When she was getting-on with the finishing touches in the venue, something happened and Gertrude can only do by searching for the way out of the hall!

It seems that there is a part of this hall that wasn't decorated yet and when Gertrude saw this, she immediately went into panic for the party was already set a few hours later! Her panicking was enough to get her to become careless and as a result, she got trapped in the venue's rooms. Gertrude tried to call for help from the nearest residence then, but it's too far from her however and she couldn't be heard. Escape players, Gertrude is going to need some help now and quickly, care to join in and see if you can all escape out of the party's venue? Go ahead then and give this escape a go!

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