Christmas Cottage Fun Escape

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Anna made her house into a Christmas cottage, well only a part of it for she can’t fully change everything there due to some permanence of fixtures. And also she needs to prepare her place for new year, that’s why she can’t go fully all-out unless she has bigger space. Anna decided to decorate more outside though, that’s what she planned to do that day and mainly just that. But not without a problem to fix first though, for when she was about to get out of there she came across a problem.

Anna could not open her front-door and it’s weird, but she was in a hurry so she tried the back, unfortunately it too was mysteriously locked and that got caught Anna into a daze. She thought, what in the world is happening in her house? Anna thought about what might have happened here, but she cannot recall anything that she did. Okay then, this is her home and she is in-charge of this place, so whatever this problem is she needs to fix it. Escape players, imagine you are Anna here, will you be able to find the root of this problem and so you can fix it and escape?

Christmas Cottage Fun Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Fun Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Christmas Cottage Fun Escape

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