Warmer Forest Escape Game

Warmer Forest Escape

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Javier went on a little adventure into the snowy forest but that day, he would have never expected to find something extraordinary there and he would have never expected to find such a place. Javier was moving along the snowy path when at some point, there was an immediate boundary between the snowy forest and the other side was warmer and the flowers bloom there! It was a sight to see definitely, it's like rain which sometimes happen that one side is not raining and the other was, but this was different here.

At first, Javier was hesitant to enter, but he still did and he realized that it was indeed significantly warmer than where he came from. Javier never thought he'd see greenery for it's winter, but now he seems to be in the summer side or somewhere. Javier was ready to return after a while for he thought he had ventured around enough and he would like to see that boundary again, but then he realized it's not going to be easy, for he could no longer find the way going back! Javier was now very concerned for he is lost and it's in a wilderness, he can potentially get even more lost there! Escape players, will you help Javier out so he can get back to where he came from and that is in the winter side of the place?

Warmer Forest Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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