Fantasy River Forest Escape Game

Fantasy River Forest Escape

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Ponce have no idea the forest was hiding a treasure and he only knew that when he went even deeper in the place he had been venturing into for years! There was a beautiful river there with breathe-taking falls and it's quite enchanting to look at. Ponce was ready to really go even further but that day he thought, it's going to get dark soon and maybe he'll do that some other time, but that's if he can for when he tried to get back, he realized that he couldn't for it seems that he doesn't know where to pass anymore!

Ponce needs to think clearly here and not panic, for if he does so he'll get himself into even more danger, that is one factor that can keep him from making mistakes there, but it's still not a sure thing that can get him back home. Escape players, you are the help Ponce needs for you are not pressured unlike him. Will you just help him out and test your skills as well on this wilderness escape adventure. Go ahead then and be very careful, for parts of the place is still uncharted territory.

Fantasy River Forest Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game released by Big Escape Games.

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