Rescue The Monkey Game

Rescue The Monkey

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The forest is the only place Ricky can look for his pet monkey, for where else will it go? It's not like somebody just swooped-down from somewhere and take his monkey, it should be in the forest but still this is pretty weird for his monkey would never go missing mysteriously. And so, Ricky followed the path which is the only thing that can guide him through the forest so he won't get lost, but at some point though he broke-away from the path for he strongly felt that he should, well that was a vital decision for him to find his monkey, and unfortunately it's not in a good spot right-now.

Ricky's pet monkey is inside some cage and that totally caught him off-guard! Ricky didn't at all know there was another person here for he had been braving the forest for years and he sees no neighbors. Maybe there are new residents in the area and if so, then that cage of theirs have caught his monkey. Ricky is deciding at first if he'll just open the cage and take his monkey or, he can wait until the owner returns. Well he has no time to wait and he'll just set the trap again once he takes his monkey out. Escape players, want to help Ricky here so he can get his pet monkey out of the cage?

Rescue The Monkey is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

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