Voodoo Doll Escape

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The people in the neighborhood is starting to suspect Ingrid’s friend of practicing some sort of witchcraft. Well her friend is indeed practicing it and Ingrid is now strongly advising her to stop before it’s too late. That day Ingrid went to her house just to talk to her and explaining that everything is going to be okay if she repents of the things she has done and stop this for that is the smartest thing to do. Ingrid will really convince her to stop by scaring her and saying what might happen if she continues. She cares for her friend that’s why she is eager to save her. Well if Ingrid is eager, then she should be able to help her friend here with something before she totally seizes her dangerous ways.

Ingrid’s friend want to finally say goodbye to her voodoo dolls, but one is currently locked inside a room in her house though and she is having a hard-time looking for the key to it. Guess the little stuffed thing doesn’t want to get disposed, well her friend isn’t really surprised though for most of her dolls are already a home to somethings and no matter how this is, Ingrid doesn’t really like it at all. Ingrid decided to help however, for if that is going to make her stop then she’ll do it. Escape players, Ingrid have already decided to find a way to open the door there where one of her friend’s voodoo dolls are kept. Will you help her on this so that ultimately the troubles of the neighborhood will finally stop?

Voodoo Doll Escape is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Voodoo Doll Escape

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