Yellow Haired Female Escape

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This girl who was also a resident in the town is quite the hyperactive one, she ventures everywhere and by now she should have explored every inch of the place just to fulfill her adventurer dreams. Well that alone makes her happy so why would anyone stop her? Well as her friend you really don’t want her to venture into places and because you all live near the woods, you cannot just go everywhere there for that would be foolish. But the girl doesn’t really understand being wise though and she just likes to go on adventures, she is just lucky that everyone can spot her from afar and call up on her, that’s because her hair is yellow and can be scene from a distance. But that day though her hair is not going to save her from the trouble that happened that day.

The girl’s name is Angela and that day she ventured into an unoccupied house there and when she entered, she couldn’t get out right after for the door is now mysteriously locked! Angela have no idea what happened and she can’t get herself out for the structure was sturdy. She was very lucky you were there, for you can rescue her then. But there was a problem with that however, for you can’t open the door as well! Escape players, you are Angela’s friend here, will you let her get trapped there and possibly get hurt due to her struggle? Do your best then and try not to destroy the door or you’ll get in big trouble with the adults there.

Yellow Haired Female Escape is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game released by Palani Games.

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Walkthrough video for Yellow Haired Female Escape

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