Underwater Empire Treasure Escape Game

Underwater Empire Treasure Escape

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The land was once higher than usual but because there was a rise in sea level for the passed few thousand years, the place was lower now and in-fact, there is an ancient city buried under the waves! Some people even say its mysteries are still there lost in the deep. One such mystery was revealed to the people that the ancient civilization is still hiding some vast treasures but nobody exactly knows where is it in the area. A lot of people have already ventured around the submerged place but found nothing of peculiar down there, well it will stay hidden if everyone gives-up, that's why Gabriel is going to keep searching for such treasures even if it exhausts his tons of oxygen tank reserves for he truly believes in the stories that the civilization is still hiding something of value.

Escape players, finding treasure in dry land is very difficult already, but underwater? It poses extra challenges and one which might take a person's life if he or she makes a mistake. Will you join Gabriel here still in finding the treasure of the lost empire? Or else, it will hide under the waves for another millennia.

Underwater Empire Treasure Escape is another new point and click item retrieval underwater escape game made by WoW Escape.

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