Creepy Ward Room 01 Game

Creepy Ward Room 01

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Franco woke-up due to the feeling of being mystified, he somehow felt cold and strange, and so he opened his eyes and indeed he was in a situation he did not expect to find himself into! Franco found himself in what seems to be an abandoned hospital! Why was he there and how? Did somebody broke into his house and brought him there while he was asleep? Or he slept-walked all the way there which is impossible? Franco looked around and he only confirmed even more that he is in an old hospital for it looked dilapidated and untidy. He needs to get out of there right-now for this is getting to him big time, also he doesn't know what will happen next if he stays there.

Escape players, at the moment nothing seems to be going-on and that's good, for Franco was already on the brink of fainting and he is getting a slight tunnel-vision for he can't believe this is happening to him and it's not even a dream. Will you help Franco to escape before he faints or something?

Creepy Ward Room 01 is a brand new point and click abandoned place escape game released by First Escape Games.

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