Prison Break Out Escape Game

Prison Break Out Escape

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The setting is medieval times and as unfortunate as it can get, Antonio just got convicted under the decree of the royal crown and now he is locked under the dungeons of the castle! Well, for him that's a big problem for not only getting incarcerated is already a bad thing, but he didn't do the crime and he knows he had been set up! The crime being accused to him was pretty grave, that means there won't be getting out from there for the ones that are in the dungeons are hardly investigated upon deeply. Antonio thought that perpetrator who did this to him was still out and about, he needs to catch him himself if nobody is going to do it, but first that's why he needs to escape.

Antonio knows how hard it is to escape from the dungeons of the castle, but he needs to try or nothing will happen. Escape players, will you help Antonio here escape from the dungeons without getting seen and quickly enough? Begin by finding things that can help you then, don't get spotted by the guards and be very careful.

Prison Break Out Escape is the newest point and click escape game created by 365 Escape.

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